Covid 19 - Request for temporary interruption of our collections

Recent government measures to deal with Covid-19 (coronavirus) have led to a temporary slowdown or even cessation of activities in some sectors. 
Bruxelles-Propreté continues to provide all its services, but if you would like a temporary interruption of our collections, please make a request:
  • via MyPROZone ;
  • by email to;
  • by phone at 0800 981 81.
As far as possible, we ask you to give priority to requests by e-mail ( in order to facilitate processing.
Please clearly specify
  • the estimated start and end of the desired interruption period;
  • your contract number.
The amount invoiced for this period will be credited.
In addition, should the extension of the measures cause payment problems, you can contact our legal department via
Brussels-Propreté PRO wishes you to get through this particularly turbulent period as well as possible.
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