Collection for clients

Extensive facilities for the collection of your waste

Bruxelles-Propreté collects the waste of all inhabitants of the Brussels region every day of the year including week-ends and bank holidays.Additionally, more than 16,000 businesses, schools and associations in activity in Brussels also trust Bruxelles-Propreté for the removal of their waste.

As a shop owner, you may want to add the official rolls of bags in your store. In this case, please contact one of the approved companies on this page.


For the Brussels region, nearly 500,000 tonnes of waste of any kind are collected each year. To help you get rid of your waste, Bruxelles-Propreté does its utmost:

  • about 950 people including 830 workers (drivers and loaders)
  • continuous omnipresence, 365 days a year
  • more than 330 collection trucks
  • 3 Recypark
  • More than 560 bottle banks sites
  • Almost 100 dropping sites for your household chemical waste (PROXY CHIMIK)
  • A large-scale logistics support
  • Continuous analyses and improvement of our services

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