Your commitment as a citizen


Simple steps to adopt daily

Your civic commitment is not limited to sorting your waste. A study conducted in 2011/2012 clearly shows that in matters of public cleanliness, uncivil acts remain a primary concern for residents of Brussels.

  • Take out your bags or containers at the appropriate collection days and times
  • Clean your own pavement (and shovel snow in winter) and pick whatever you have swept to avoid cluttering the gutters and blocking the drains
  • Do not throw your waste on the street, near bottle banks or by public litter bins.
  • Small waste: use public litter bins or thrown them at home..
  • Large waste (bulky items, construction waste, etc.): use the services at your disposal

Heavy fines for fly-tipping.

  • Only use public litter bins to throw small waste items, do not use them to throw your household waste
  • Do not place your glass bottles, jars and phials by the bottle banks, even if they are full (more than 560 bottle banks sites are at your disposal)
  • Use spaces or bags intended for your pet's waste.
  • Increase the awareness of your children and of those around you regarding respect for public spaces

If you observe these simple steps on a daily basis, it increases the efficiency of the work carried out by Bruxelles-Propreté and the municipalities. Without your commitment as citizens, we cannot guarantee you a clean city where it is nice to live today and tomorrow.

Each person living in Brussels should be able to be proud of his/her city !


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