Disruptions of Bruxelles-Propreté’s services

Collections of white and yellow bags

Due to a trade union action, door-to-door waste collections of white and yellow bags are disrupted on Thrursday 24 January 2019.

The municipalities concerned are as follows :

  • Bruxelles (1000)
  • Forest ;
  • Haeren ;
  • Ixelles ;
  • Laeken ;
  • Neder-over-Heembeek ;
  • St-Gilles ;
  • Uccle. 
The inhabitants of these municipalities are invited to leave their white and yellow bags on their sidewalks.
The other services of Bruxelles-Proreté are running as usual. 

The General Management of Bruxelles-Propreté apologizes for the inconvenience caused by these disruptions, beyond their control.


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