New containers with specific openings

In order to improve the quality of sorting in the Brussels region, Bruxelles-Propreté has decided to change all its sorting containers placed in Brussels buildings.

Indeed, analyses of the quality of sorting found in the containers show an abnormally high residue rate compared to that found in the bags. This has led Bruxelles-Propreté to change its containers for sorting waste types.

This decision was taken in partnership with Fost Plus, based on the success of projects carried out by Belgian intermunicipal companies using a new system of locked containers with specific openings.

This new type of containers significantly reduces the number of intruders in sorted waste.


To prepare for this change, each building manager (syndic) has received reusable bags for the households to use.

  • Their format is convenient for sorting in apartments.
  • A bag is recommended for storing PMC packaging and cardboard before throwing them into the containers.
  • Another bag is provided to bring the glass bottles, jars and flasks to the glass banks
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