Low collection disruptions

In order to calm the situation and guarantee service to the population, the Directorate General of Brussels-Cleanliness has decided to withdraw the point relating to the development of the "finished finish" from the social consultation of 5 December next. The General Directorate will make new proposals to reduce the number of work accidents in a broader context than the "finished finish".
This decision made it possible to defuse the dissatisfaction actions of the collection teams, the majority of which resumed work on Tuesday, November 26.
Last week's grumbling affected white bag collections, where 12% of tours were not completed and yellow bags, where 19% of tours were not completed. Blue bag tours have all been completed. The orange and green bag collections were not affected by this movement of dissatisfaction.
The collections for this Monday, November 25, were not fully secured. The situation has improved significantly on Tuesday, November 26.
The bags left on the road will be collected this week.
The Directorate General of Brussels-Cleanliness asks the inhabitants to accept all its apologies for these disruptions beyond its control.
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