Christmas tree collection

In 2020, as in previous years, Christmas trees will be collected at the same time as garden waste. To find out the days for collecting garden waste, residents can download their collection calendar from or consult the Recycle app!
Bruxelles-Propreté asks Brussels residents to remove the pot and all decorations. The wooden cross must not be removed.
The trees will be sent to Bruxelles-Compost for recycling into compost which, due to its high acidity, will be mixed with compost from other origins. Note, however, that fir compost is particularly suitable for flowering shrubs such as rhododendron, which needs acidity to "express itself".
This is a collection not to be missed: the obligation to sort waste also applies to Christmas trees!
Please note: an artificial Christmas tree is not compostable, it is considered a bulky household item and must be brought to Recypark.
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