Obligation to use the green biodegradable bags

As of Monday 8 June 2020, only the offical bags will be collected.

Bruxelles-Propreté has noted a significant increase in the non-official green bags put out for garden waste collections. These bags are for most of them the old regional model. These plastic bags are no longer valid since 1 January 2018. To get rid of them, Brussels residents who still have them in stock are invited to throw them, empty, in the white bag. They will not be exchanged or refunded.

Plastic bags cannot be composted by Bruxelles-Compost, the regional composting centre.

As of Monday 8 June 2020, the Brussels-Propreté teams will only collect the legal biodegradable green bags.

How to recognise the non-official bags?

  • Either they are not identified by the logo of the Brussels-Capital Region and that of Bruxelles-Propreté ;
  • or they are made of plastic and are therefore not biodegradable;
  • or their volume is higher than 60 l.

These criteria are sometimes combined.

Official biodegradable bags (60 l) are available per roll of ten bags in supermarkets, DIY stores, garden centres and a few retail stores.

Bruxelles-Propreté draws the attention of Brussels residents to the fact that old non-regulatory bags would still be sold on certain markets. These bags are no longer collected, so there is no point in buying them.

Precautions for use :

The biodegradable nature of the official green bags requires simple rules to be followed when using them. These rules guarantee that biodegradation does not occur before the bag is presented for collection.

What are these rules?

  1. Keep the bag in a dry cool place. Concretely, it should not be left in full sun to avoid the fermentation of the grass and thus the acceleration of the degradation of the bag.
  2. Allow air to circulate around the bag. Avoid placing your bag on damp ground while waiting for our collection trucks to pass.
  3. Limit the filling time to a maximum of two weeks.
  4. Do not exceed 15 kilos, as for blue, yellow, orange and white bags.

Bruxelles-Propreté reminds you that branches can be presented for collection in bundles.


The Regional Government has decided to no longer allow green plastic bags from 1 January 2018. This decision has been recorded in the environmental permit of Brussels-Compost, the regional centre for the treatment of garden waste.

Today, the large quantity of non-biodegradable green bags presented for collection threatens the maintenance of the environmental permit and thus the recycling of garden waste of the Brussels residents.


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