The Bike Project at Bruxelles-Propreté

The Bike Project supports the use of bicycles by the staff of the Bruxelles Mobilité Agency.
Bicycle use is growing strongly in Brussels: over the last ten years, bicycle journeys in our capital have more than tripled! This positive trend can be attributed to the gradual improvement of the structure of cycling in the capital, but also to a series of projects set up by the Brussels public institutions.
One such project is the 'Bike Project'. This initiative is organised by Pro Velo and financed by Bruxelles Environnement. Every year, it guides some ten organisations to promote active mobility, which is part of the Brussels-Capital Region's desire to promote alternatives to the car for the well-being of users/users and calmness in the Region in general. 
This project provides individualised support for 8 months to various businesses and has several dimensions. On the one hand, it guides mobility managers in the development and implementation of a support plan for bicycle use (diagnosis, installation of infrastructure and introduction of support measures, balance, etc.), before encouraging staff members to take the bike, through training and the provision of bicycles for two weeks. 
Since 2013, ten laureates per year or more than 60 companies have been supported by this project, reaching more than 27,500 staff members. And it works! An evaluation of the participants at the end of the project shows that 84% of them wish to continue taking the bike after the test!
This week, some twenty bicycles (classic and electric bicycles, folding bicycles and even cargo bikes) were lent to 25 workers of the Bruxelles Networks Agency as part of the Bike Project. The bikes will be made available for two weeks so that as many participants as possible can discover these different mobility solutions. A video has also been made to promote this project internally and to encourage the workers to take the bike.   
« In Brussels, many journeys between home and work could be made by bike. By giving companies and their staff this necessary push to take this first step towards active mobility, Bike Project plays a key role for a less polluted city, which is more pleasant for all its inhabitants,' welcomed the Minister for the Environment Alain Maron.   
« The Bruxelles Net Agency wants to encourage its staff, both administrative and workmen, to use active mobility for their commuting. Collaborating with Pro Velo is a great way to test these different types of bicycles so that our staff can choose which one suits them best. We hope that this test will convince the doubters and encourage those who are a little more reluctant," says Vincent Jumeau, Director Bruxelles-Propreté.
« Pro Velo is a reference actor in the guidance of the organizations to help them set up internal bicycle use. One of the key steps is getting the staff members on their bikes. We do this within the framework of the Bike Project, for which we support the Bruxelles Net Agency," said Martin Stock, Project Manager at Pro Velo.
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