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Attention !

Covid-19 (Coronavirus)

Residents must observe the following instructions in the Recypark:
- Wear a mask (Please note: a simple t-shirt, scarf, sash or other means other than a mask are not  accepted).;
- show their identity card to the attendant;
- open the trunk of their car themselves; 
- maintain safe distances (minimum 1.5m).
Bruxelles-Propreté reminds Brussels residents that the Federal Government has limited travel to what is strictly necessary. These restrictions also apply to regional Recyparks: emergency situations or situations of urgent necessity (e.g. death or moving house).
Good civic gestures to keep
Bruxelles-Propreté asks all citizens to respect the public space.
- Do not throw your cigarette butts, used tissues and masks, cans, packaging and other waste into the street.  There is a good chance that there is a public rubbish bin nearby.  If not, remember to keep your waste with you until you get home where you can dispose of it.
- Pick up your dog's droppings.  Remember to bring a bag to pick it up.
Bruxelles-Propreté reminds the population that there are fines for breaking the rules on public cleanliness.
In these particular times, the Management thanks more than ever its teams and the inhabitants for their flexibility, understanding and collaboration.



Nos parcs à conteneurs






Practical details

  • There is a fee for some professional waste items
  • Your place of business must be in the Brussels region (check)
  • Show proof of address for your place of business and your identity card
  • Sort your waste in advance
  • Use a vehicle whose total floor weight < 3.5t
  • The vehicle may only contain waste for the container park
  • Arrange the categories of waste so that they can be checked
  • Proceed yourself to the unloading of your waste and its placement in the appropriate container

Tips !
Our container parks (Recyparks) receive more visitors during the weekend and on Monday afternoon. During these moments, your visit will take more time. On Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, we receive significantly less visitors. On Sunday and Monday, the waiting times at the entrance are normally al lot shorter in the evening from 6 pm.


  • Boulevard de la Deuxième Armée Britannique, (in front of 671) near the Boulevard de l'Humanité in 1190 Brussels (Forest)
  • Boulevard de l'Humanité, 350 in 1190 Brussels (Forest)
  • Rue du Rupel (near the Van Praet bridge, by the canal) in 1000 Brussels

Closing days
Our Recypark are open every day, all year but on:

  • 1 January
  • Third Sunday of September (Car Free Day) 
  • 1 and 11 November
  • 25 December

Opening hours

  • Tuesday and Wednesday: 9:00 am - 1:45 pm
  • Thursday, Friday and Saturday: 9:00 am - 4:15 pm
  • Sunday and Monday: closed


Free professional waste
3 m3 per visit per day:

  • Paper and cardboard
  • PMC packaging
  • Glass bottles, jars and phials
  • Household like electrical or electronic appliances
  • Ferrous and non-ferrous metals
  • Corks
Attention !
More than 3 m3 per visit per day: €121 flat rate - 5 tyres out of rims per visit per day



Fee-paying professional waste

  • Household type bulky waste
  • Plastic packaging (other than PMC)
  • Packaging polystyrene foam

€90.75 incl. VAT per visit per day

  • Garden waste

€4.48 incl. VAT/bag (up to 20 kg/bag)

  • Inert waste (like "rubble"):
  • Broken bricks, bricks, stones, pebbles
  • Tiling, slabs, tiles
  • Concrete, cement
  • Gypsum boards, scraps, sheets (type Gyproc) and plastering in bags
  • Sawdust

€3.03 incl. VAT/item:

  • Construction wood
  • Garden wood
  • Wooden beam (up to 1.5 m)
  • Wooden pallet
  • Hygiene related items (toilets, sink, washbasin, ...)
  • Frame
  • Door
  • Shutter
  • Insulation
  • Hard plastics (PVC panels, corrugated board, ...)
  • Marble sheet
  • Laminated glass
  • Flat glass
  • Mirror
  • Clothes/Textiles
  • Etc.

What types of waste are not allowed?

  • asbestos waste
  • gas tanks, bottles and cartridges
  • fireworks and other explosives
  • laboratory products
  • radioactive substances
  • chemical waste (link with section on professional chemical products)
  • roofing materials
  • soil, sand, coal and soot
  • tree stumps and trunks
To get rid of these items, contact Bruxelles Environnement on 02 775 75 75 or at




 Rue Rupel à 1000 Bruxelles




 Boulevard de la Deuxième Armée Britannique 676 à 1190 Forest



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