A sticker has been pasted on your bag and your bag has not been collected. Find out why.

Our well-being in the city depends largely upon the cleanliness of the public spaces.

The cleaning activities of Bruxelles-Propreté and of the municipalities cannot solely by themselves insure a clean and pleasant city. Users of the public spaces (residents, commuters, tourists, etc.) must also ensure that they abide by the instructions below to preserve a clean and serene environment for all.

Brussels is beautiful. Let's take care of her!


  • Your bag is not the official one.

    Only official bags from the Brussels Region are collected by Bruxelles-Propreté. These bags, identified by Bruxelles-Propreté’s logo, are available in supermarkets and in many retail stores.
  • Please use the official bags for your waste. In the meantime, please take your bags back in and put your waste into the appropriate bag for the next collection date.


  • Please take your bag back in, sort it adequately and put it out again at the next collection date.


  • Please take your bag back in and put it out at the next collection date. Put out your bags the day before, after 6pm, or in the morning before 5:30am.
    Our trucks pass through the streets of Brussels as of 5:30 am. If your bags have not been put out when they pass, your bags will not be collected on that day.

  • Your street is under refurbishment. Your bag could not be collected in front of your house.
    Our collection trucks cannot access your street. A leaflet has been distributed into your mailbox. It indicates the collection points where you must leave your bags during the works. Even during the works period, you must abide by the usual collection schedules.

  • Please take your bag back in and put it out again at one of the collection points according to the usual collection times. Click here to find out the collection times for your bags.


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