Clean streets

Our well-being depends heavily on the cleanliness of public spaces. If uncleanliness breeds uncleanliness, clean streets provide a feeling of well-being and safety.

Cleaning programmes run by Bruxelles-Propreté and municipalities cannot alone guarantee a clean and pleasant city. Those using public spaces (residents, commuters, tourists, etc.) must first take action.

How are the cleaning tasks shared?

  • Bruxelles-Propreté is responsible for cleaning regional and supra-communal roads (410 km).
  • Municipalities are responsible for cleaning municipal roads (1,347 km). In that case, Bruxelles-Propreté finances and supports their cleaning programmes. Note! Some municipalities rely on the human and logistical resources of Bruxelles-Propreté to ensure the cleaning of roads for which they are responsible.
  • The pavements and verges of buildings, whether occupied or not, must be well-maintained and clean. This obligation is the responsibility of :
    • the occupants living on the ground floor, facing the street, unless specified otherwise in a convention between the homeowner and their tenants
    • the occupants of the next successive floors, by ascending order, if the ground floor is not occupied
    • the homeowner if the building is entirely empty.

Bruxelles-Propreté also puts its know-how at the disposal of other regional institutions such as STIB, Bruxelles-Mobilité, etc.

Five-year plans for public cleanliness

As a regional manager, Bruxelles-Propreté assumes its responsibility by way of five-year plans for cleanliness. These plans set goals and identify the actions and means needed for their implementation..

Download the five-year plan for cleanliness, 2012-2017 (only available in French and Dutch).

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