How to get rid of your waste?

Bruxelles-Propreté organizes household collections of waste in bags or via containers (for most apartment buildings) and provides collection points for you to use.

You are a concierge, trustee or property manager:

Where to get hold of your plastic bags ?

Only the bags branded « Bruxelles-Propreté » can be used. You can purchase them :

  • In supermarkets
  • In most DIY shops and convenience stores

As a shop owner, you may want to add the official rolls of bags in your store. In this case, please contact one of the approved companies on this page.

Please abide by the following rules :

For the collections

  • Your bag must be 15 kg or lighter
  • Sharp waste (ex: broken glass) must be well wrapped to avoid any injury to yourself or our team members.
  • Please respect the collection days

Please put out your bags :

  • Some of the waste in good condition can be taken directly to social economy companies..
  • Electrical and electronic waste in poor condition can be brought back to a store when buying a similar type of device.
  • Please bring back you old medicines to your chemist.


  • On the previous day after 6pm or on the same day before 5.30 am

For the collection points

Glass banks : please respect the neighborhood :

  • Use the glassbanks only between 7am and 10pm.
  • Do not leave glass bottles and flasks on the floor around the glass banks, even if they are full (more than 560 glassbanks sites are at your disposal).
  • Do not leave your bags and cardboard around the glassbanks either.


PROXY CHIMIK : do not bring more than 35l per trip

  • Maximum 30l for all covering products
  • Maximum 10 neon lights
  • Any over quantity will be turned down
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