Entry of the New Blue Bag


This month of January marks a new stage for sorting in the Brussels Region.

From now on, the vast majority of plastic packaging is accepted in the New Blue Bag and no longer only plastic bottles and vials. Sorting plastic packaging is therefore becoming easier for the people of Brussels. Yoghurt pots, butter bowls, cheese trays and plastic bags or films are some of the packaging that is now accepted in the blue bag.

The additional annual weight of plastic packaging to be placed in the New Blue Bag is estimated at 8 kg per capita. It is important to note that there is no change for metal packaging and beverage cartons. Sorting instructions for this New Blue Bag are now available on: www.lenouveausacbleu.be

The collection times for blue bags remain the same. And the people of Brussels can continue to use their stock of blue bags. An explanatory box will be distributed to all Brussels households as of Monday 25 January. Prevention is given pride of place by taking simple steps to reduce the production of packaging.

Sorting is good, Zero Waste is even better! More info on https://environnement.brussels/thematiques/zero-dechet-0

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Christmas tree collection


In 2021, as in previous years, Christmas trees will be collected together with garden waste. To find out on which days garden waste will be collected, residents can download their collection calendar here or consult the Recycle! app. 
Bruxelles-Propreté asks Brussels residents to remove the pot and all decorations. The wooden crosspiece must not be removed. 
The fir trees will be taken to Brussels-Compost for recycling into compost which, because of its high acidity, will be mixed with compost from other origins. It should be noted, however, that fir compost is particularly suitable for flowering shrubs such as rhododendron, which needs acidity to "express itself".
This is a collection not to be missed: the obligation to sort waste also applies to Christmas trees!
Please note: as an artificial Christmas tree is not compostable, it is considered a household nuisance and must be brought to the Recypark.

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Collections of Friday, January 1, 2021


Bruxelles-Propreté reminds you that collections will be made this Friday 1 January 2021 in the communes whose inhabitants have to take out their bags on Friday. Bags must be presented for collection at the usual times.
Please note! At the request of the regional authorities, certain roads in the communes of Anderlecht and Molenbeek will be collected on Friday 1 January after 10 am.
Residents of these roads alone are expressly asked to take out their white and yellow bags on 1 January before 9.30 am (and not on Thursday 31 December after 6 pm).
These streets are :
  • Rue Wayez up to the Meir roundabout, including the
  • Place of Resistance
  • Cours St Guidon
  • Place de la Vaillance 
  • Rue d'Aumale 
  • Chaussée de Mons (from Porte d'Anderlecht to Square Albert 1er)
  • Place Bara (to Delacroix Metro station)
  • Bara Square (up to Council Square)  
Heyvaert district :
  • Rue Heyvaert
  • Rue du Bateau
  • Rue de Liverpool (from quai de l'Industrie to rue Heyvaert)
  • Rue de Gosselies (from quai de l'Industrie to rue Heyvaert)
Historic centre :
  • Rue des Etangs Noirs
  • Rue de la Carpe
  • Rue d'Ostende
  • Vanderdussen Street
  • Schmitz Street
  • Rue Piers
  • Chaussée de Gand (section between Piers Street and the canal) 
  • Place Communale
  • Count of Flanders Street
  • Rue Fernand Brunfaut 
  • Parvis Saint-Jean Baptiste
Quartier Maritime :
  •  Boulevard Léopold II (between rue de Mexico and place Sainctelette)
  • Rue de Ribaucourt
  • Rue de Mexico
  • Rue de l'Escaut
  • Rue de Rotterdam
Residents of Anderlecht and Molenbeek who do not live on these roads must take out their white and yellow bags on Thursday 31 December after 6 p.m. or Friday 1 January before 5.30 a.m., as usual.

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The staff will not present their wishes


Due to the pandemic, door-to-door and door-to-door sales activities, whatever their nature, are prohibited until January 15 inclusive.
This measure could be extended. In this context, the staff of Bruxelles-Propreté will not present their wishes to the population this year.
The inhabitants of Brussels should therefore not welcome people, even those with a Bruxelles-Propreté badge, who ring at home to present their wishes. In the event of a problem, residents can contact the complaints department of Bruxelles-Propreté on 0800/981 81 or via info@arp-gan.be.

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